Five thousand generations of birds In collaboration with Andrea Bakketun: 2009-2012.

The exhibition took place August 10th to 12th, 2012. Fitjar islands consists of 381 islands,
islets and reefs.Selected artists were invited to participate in the exhibition where they
developed site specific and temporary works based on workshops and collaborative research.
The participating artists were assigned an island each.

Contributing artists:
Aipotu (NO), Serina Erfjord (NO), Marla Hlady (CA),
Idan Hayosh (IL), Sigmund Skaar (NO),Julien Berthier (FR) ,
FoCS (NO), Johanna Malinowska (PL), Siri Schippers Skaar (NO),
Miks Mitrevics (LV), Ann Cathrin November Høibo (NO), Axel Linderholm (SE),
Mercedes Muhleisen (NO), Øyvind Aspen (NO), Roman Signer (CH),
Tori Wrånes (NO) and Kunstverein st. Pauli (DE).

Kjersti Solbakken (press), Adriana Alves (producer),
Jonas Ib Jensen (technician), Lene Tufteland (coordinator),
Hanne Sætre Thunestvedt (economy), Juuso Noronkoski (photographer),
Christian Lysvåg (philosopher), Anna Mikkola and Bjørnar Pedersen (design).

Supported by KORO, Norwegian Art Council - Kulturrådet,
Young artists society - UKS, Fitjar municipality and Hordlaland county council.